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** The TASP TEST is now known as the THEA Test **


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Our test researchers are at Texas Campuses every single week gathering testing information from students who have just taken the actual THEA Test and the THEA Quick Test.  There is  no regulation or law that prevents us from doing this, so why not take advantage of it.  Combine this technique of "information gathering" with our proven study methods, and you have the ULTIMATE THEA TEST STUDY GUIDE & PRACTICE TEST


  • Is based on the latest version of the THEA Test.  We constantly interview THEA Test Takers and update our practice exam so that it reflects up-to-date THEA testing trends.  We insist that our customers have the current material to study.
  • Designed to maximize your test score with a minimum amount of study time.
  • Covers every single Math & English test section of the THEA Test.  Our Study Guide also includes detailed answers to each of our practice tests.  This way, you know where your weaknesses are, and why you did not get the correct answer.
  • Our Study Guide and Practice Test are designed to help those of you who need to cram AND those who have plenty of time to study before they take the THEA Test.  To do this, we constantly combine a number of various Study Techniques and Practice Questions. 

What is the THEA Test?

THEA stands for Texas Higher Education Assessment (formally the TASP Test)

The THEA Test measures the reading, mathematics, and writing skills that a high school graduate should possess upon entry into higher education. It does not measure skills you are expected to acquire in your collegiate level work. Each test section is composed of about 40-50 multiple-choice questions. The writing section also requires that you write an essay of about 300-600 words.

The THEA Test is not an admissions test. You cannot be denied admission to a public institution of higher education based on your TASP Test score.

However, you will need to pass the THEA Test to begin taking credit courses at a public community college or university in Texas or if you are planning to enter any educator preparation program in Texas.

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Study Guide Update:
The THEA Study Guide is based on the latest versio of the test.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: The TASP Test is now known as the THEA Test. The material is the same, only the name has changed.

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